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Blue Mountains Du Faurs Lookout Elopement


Getting married with no stress, no drama and no distractions, in a way that is truly meaningful to you….

Saying your vows in the most intimate and secluded setting. There’s no audience, no fanfare and no stage-fright….

Having the freedom to go anywhere, and do anything, on your wedding day…

we can help you make your elopement a reality

You can reclaim your freedom and say no to a big, traditional wedding.
You can have an intimate, adventurous wedding day that is meaningful to you.
We can help you make this a reality. We are your adventure elopement photographers, planners and guides.
As well as documenting the best day of your life, we will help you plan this epic adventure from start to finish.

we're here for you every step of the way

what is an elopement?

“To elope is to have the freedom to go anywhere – to do anything – on your wedding day. Your elopement is a uniquely crafted, intimate wedding experience that embraces your shared values, hopes and dreams, and rejects the expectations, traditions and distractions of the outside world.”

– The Wild Pair

Eloping is more than a quick ceremony and some portraits. You deserve so much more than that – your wedding day, the day you commit yourself to your other half for the rest of your life – deserves so much more than that. This is the day that you will celebrate every year until the very end, and it should be the best fricken day of your life!

So close your eyes and think about what you would want to do on the best day of your life.
That, should be your wedding day adventure.

why you should elope:

  1. Because you deserve a wedding day that is authentically you and not defined by old school traditions!

  2. Because you deserve to spend your wedding day with the people who matter to you!

  3. Because your values, journey and relationship matter and your wedding day shouldn’t be about anything else!

  4. Because it’s your day, and no one else’s!
Blue Mountains Du Faurs Lookout Elopement

how it works

Snowy Mountains elopement photographer

It's super easy and stress free!

  1. Fill out our contact form
  2. Review our packages and chat with us over the phone
  3. Pick your date and package and sign your contract
  4. We help you plan your epic adventure, from start to finish
  5. You get married and we document every special moment for you!

your dream team

We are more than your average elopement team.

We are your photographers, planners, guides, pack mules and adventure buddies.
We are ready to help you have the wedding day you never thought was possible!

The Wild Pair Australian Adventure Elopement Photographers
Lauren & James Chuter

Mount Kosciuszko

What our couples say...

"Highly recommend"


“My partner and I had the most amazing experience with this company and I highly recommend.

When receiving my photos I won’t lie.. I cried seeing the most natural moments captured as a couple. If your looking for fun, natural, enjoyable and high quality, this is the place to go!

- Skye & Andy



“Lauren and the Wildpair elopements were great. She was open to new and adventurous ideas, which I love! And the photos are amazing! My friends and family have commented saying how wonderful the photos are too. Every chance she got to get the best shot she took it! Even though the day was probably the windiest day all year, we still made the most of it and the photos turned out even better!

Lauren was extremely quick with the editing of photos for the gallery and we received both colour and black and white photos – good for different frames and canvases to go up in your home πŸ™‚

Honestly, can’t fault Lauren at all!! I am so so happy with her efforts, the photos and the actual shoot was really fun! I can’t wait to keep up with her shoots on Instagram in the future!”

- Sarah & Nathan

"Fun & easy"


“We had an engagement photo with Wild Pair. We both aren’t very natural in front of the camera but Lauren made it so fun and easy!

We are so happy with the photos, they represent us perfectly! Thank-you so much and would highly recommend an elopement or couple photo shoot.

- SAm & Jack

we are about you (& the environment)!

We care about your wedding day and want you to have a stress-free, amazing elopement experience.
That’s why we take care of a whole lot more than just your photography…

We also care about our environment and the landscapes in which we do out work. That’s why we practice ‘leave no trace’ – because we want to be able to visit these places until we are grey and old, and we want our great great grandchildren to be able to play here as well.

This could be you. This is what we can help you create.

This video was developed by Till Death do us Party and captures an adventure elopement planned by The Wild Pair.

Our Ethos

Have you ever heard the saying, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just different types of good weather?” It’s another way of saying, life’s too short, or seize the day! And quite frankly, we agree. We believe that outdoors is better than indoors and there’s no point living just to exist. We love the mountains as much as the ocean and can’t decide whether we prefer hiking, trail running or skiing. We think there’s no better play ground than planet earth and there’s not enough years to explore. We value experiences over things and think time is too precious. Ultimately, we live to experience everything this world has to offer and would be so stoked to help you have an adventure elopement or wedding like no other!