10 Unique Places to Elope in Australia

Okay, I hope you’re ready for some inspiration because it’s time to check out 10 of the best places to elope in Australia that you probably haven’t even thought of!

If you’ve been following our content for a while, then you will know that we believe eloping gives you the freedom to go anywhere, and do anything, on your wedding day. Why do we believe this? Because honestly, when you’re planning a wedding for hundreds of guests you are so LIMITED in where you can go and what you can do on your wedding day. 

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Why elope?

The beauty of eloping is that you don’t have to worry about heaps of guests; you don’t have to think about how your guests are going to get to the venue, what they are going to eat, how you’re going to entertain them etc. etc. 

Eloping means that you can literally go wherever the heck you want! Love mountains? You CAN get married on top of a mountain. Love waterfalls? There are sooo many epic waterfalls in Australia – choose one and elope at the bottom of the crashing falls. Do secluded, white-sand beaches fill your soul? Oh man, we have heaps of those in Aus to. 

You get my point right? There are so many amazing locations in Australia and lucky for you, you’re eloping, which means you get browse through this inspo posts in this blog and reach out to us and we will help you plan an elopement in a location 10000000 times better than the local function centre. 

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Do I need a permit to elope in a National Park?

In most cases, yes. In order to hold your wedding ceremony (no matter how small it is) in a National Park or on public land you will usually have to apply for a permit.

Why? Because it costs money to maintain and protect our public lands and so to hold an event on public land incurs a fee. It’s usually a small price to pay for the magical views and serenity you receive in exchange. 

So, when you pick your location make sure you:

  1. Contact the local park office and ask about their local processes for applying for a small wedding permit.
  2. Complete your permit application and pay the fee (if applicable) ASAP. Note that some states require at least 2 months to process your application!
  3. Make sure you provide your photographer and celebrant with a copy of your permit, and bring a copy along with you on the day. The last thing you want is for a ranger to kick you out of your ceremony because you forgot your permit.
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Here are some links to the event application websites for each state and territory:

Okay, no let’s check out 10 unique spots to elope in Australia that I bet you haven’t even thought of yet!

Australian Coastal Elopement Locations

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road is a 243km stretch of road along the Victorian coastline. The region is scattered with iconic surf breaks, pristine rainforest and misty waterfalls and is home to the famous 12 Apostles – a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of Port Campbell National Park.

Blowhole Beach, South Australia

Blowhole Beach is a stunning ocean beach near the western edge of Deep Creek Conservation Park. You can walk 2km to the beach from the Cobbler Hill carpark. Or, if you have a four wheel drive vehicle you can drive down the steep track to the Blowhole Beach carpark. The beauty of this beach is that it is surrounded by sweeping, green hills with walking tracks along their ridge-lines.

Australian Waterfall Elopement Locations

Millaa Millaa Falls, Queensland

Millaa Millaa Falls are magnificent waterfalls surrounded by lush rainforest located on the Waterfalls Circuit, along with Zillie and Ellinjaa Falls. The falls cascade perfectly to a pristine waterhole below – the perfect spot to elope!! Seriously, you will think you’re in Bali!

Wallaman Falls, Queensland

Wallaman Falls is the highest single-drop waterfall in Australia! And of course, is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and is home to some of the oldest rainforests on earth. Standing at the base of this beast would be truly amazing, and saying your vows there would be even more surreal. 

King George Falls, Western Australia

If you want somewhere truly magestic, and off-the-beaten-track, then look no further. The 100-metre twin waterfalls of King George Falls is one of Western Australia’s most astounding natural landscapes and its highest twin falls. Due to its remote location, a cruise to the King George River gorge or a scenic flight over the north Kimberley coast are the only ways to access King George Falls! This is real elopement vibes!

Australian Canyon Elopement Locations

Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

Feel on top of the world as you walk along the towering red rock cliffs of Kings Canyon and take in views of the forest of palms below. Elope on the cliff edge as the sunsets, or if you’re adventurous, get up early for a sunrise elopement before exploring the canyon! If you’re wanting some extra adventure for your elopement, book in a helicopter flight over the canyon!

Gardens of Stone National Park, New South Wales

Be inspired by the dramatic landscape at Gardens of Stone. This World Heritage area features stunning rock pagodas, sandstone cliffs, canyons and breathtaking scenic views. My suggestion – elope in the middle of one of the dry slot canyons!!

Australian Rural Elopement Locations

Katherine, Northern Territory

Described as “the place where the outback meets the tropics”, Katherine is FULL of amazing, hidden gems from gorges, to waterfalls and stunning thermal springs like this one. Pick a spot, pick an adventure and get flippin’ married in one of Australia’s most unique regions!

Uluru, Northern Territory

I have a secret love affair with Uluru and the red sand of the Australian outback. If you haven’t been, it is a MUST SEE. Experience the magic of Uluru and immerse yourself in the rich culture – it’s not just a beautiful place for an elopement, but it’s a rich place full of wisdom and history. It is my top recommendation!!

Australian Mountain Elopement Locations

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Iconic Cradle Mountain is a place of exceptional natural beauty in the heart of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. From moss-covered ancient rainforests and deep river gorges to snow-covered mountain peaks, wild alpine moorlands and glacial lakes, the park has everything and is an epic choice for an elopement location!

So, where to elope in Australia?

By now you should be realising that your options are seriously endless! If none of these 10 EPIC locations tickle your fancy, then here is my BEST TIP:

Jump on insta and follow @hike_australia or @exploringaustralia_ (or similar travel inspo pages). Scroll through and find a photo you love. Check you the location and then contact us! From there we will help you every step of the way from choose the exact spot, to submitting your permit and booking your celebrant – we are here to guide you. And then, we will take some flippin’ epic photos of you while you marry your other half!

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