Your photographers, planners and adventure buddies

we can help you create your most epic adventure yet

who are the wild pair?

We are a husband and wife team committed to helping you create
and adventurous wedding experience that you won’t regret.

The Wild Pair was born from a love of intimate moments and big adventures. We believe your wedding shouldn’t be bound by tradition or expectation. We believe you shouldn’t be influenced by what society, your grandma or your best friend says a wedding ‘should be’. We believe you should have the freedom to do anything, and go anywhere, on your wedding day; whether that’s hiking to the top of a mountain at sunrise, eloping on a secluded beach or taking a chopper ride through a canyon…

And what’s our role in your adventure elopement? Well, we are you photographers, your planners and your adventure buddies. We are the team that is in your corner, helping you to pull this adventure off and capturing every moment along the way. We’re here to make sure your elopement – your wedding day – is better than you ever imagined.

Hi, I'm Lauren!

aka principal photographer, editor & planner

Hi there! I’m Lauren – the brains and the creative behind The Wild Pair. Here’s what you need to know about me:

  • I am super organised and love a good list
  • I love pineapple, especially on pizza and in red curry
  • I’m currently hiking in a sick pair of red Oboz
  • My favourite place on earth is either Yosemite National Park, The Grand Canyon, or the Thai island Koh Andang (okay, so I’m not very good at picking favourites…)
  • I fricken love my husband and love doing life with him!
Why do I believe in elopements? Because they give you freedom! You don’t have to worry about other people’s opinions or expectations which means you can plan a day that is truly ‘you’.

Hey, james here!

aka adventure guide & pack mule

Hey, James here! I’m The Wild Pair’s chief navigator and outdoors extordinnaire. Here’s me summed up to a tee:

  • I’m an engineer by day, but adventurist at heart
  • I love a physical challenge; the harder, the better!
  • I’m currently breaking in a new pair of Salomon hiking boots, and trying some trail running in them too
  • My favourite place on this planet is Seefled in Austria because of its epic mountains
  • I love my wife to bits and am stoked that we can adventure together!
Why do I believe in elopements? Because you can be 100% yourself, and embrace the moment you marry your other half, without having to worry about being surrounded a crowd of people!

who else do we work with?

We have an epic team of photographers to help us serve you. When it comes to editing – it’s all Lauren’s magic.

We work closely with all of our photographers to ensure your experience is seamless. Depending on availability, you’ll either have me (Lauren) photographing and editing your elopement, or one of our other epic photographers will take the reins on your elopement day and I will edit and deliver your final product.

Why elope with us?

Because we believe the day you get married matters. Choosing to elope shouldn’t mean having a 5-minute legals only ceremony followed by a few quick portraits. The day you get married means more than that. 

Here’s how we serve our couples:

1. We take the stress out of planning your wedding by helping you with location scouting, vendor recommendations, permit applications and creating your timeline. We cover all of this during our two 1-hour Zoom planning consultations included in every package.

2. We provide our couples with a 100-page Elopement Planning Guide plus a comprehensive guide to planning an eco-friendly wedding.

3. We capture your elopement day as it happens. Our images are raw and organic, with absolutely minimal posing (because we know how awkward posed shots look). 

4. We have a selection of fine-art prints and albums available – we believe your images should be tangible. You should be able to hold and feel every moment. 

5. We are in your corner, always. With us, you can plan the day of a lifetime!

How to elope with us!

1. Fill out our contact form (it’s super simple)

2. Book in a complimentary Zoom chat with us

3. Receive your quote and sign your contract

4. We plan your epic adventure together

5. You elope and we capture the magic!

let's Adventure

So what are you waiting for? Let’s plan your adventure!

Our Ethos

Have you ever heard the saying, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just different types of good weather?” It’s another way of saying, life’s too short, or seize the day! And quite frankly, we agree. We believe that outdoors is better than indoors and there’s no point living just to exist. We love the mountains as much as the ocean and can’t decide whether we prefer hiking, trail running or skiing. We think there’s no better play ground than planet earth and there’s not enough years to explore. We value experiences over things and think time is too precious. Ultimately, we live to experience everything this world has to offer and would be so stoked to help you have an adventure elopement or wedding like no other!