how to elope in the
Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Elopement Guide

5 steps to your dream Blue Mountains elopement

If you’re wondering how to elope in the Blue Mountains, then you’ve come to the right spot. We’re going to outline everything you need to know about planning an epic elopement in the Blue Mountains, including:

  1. Why elope in the Blue Mountains
  2. Where to elope in the Blue Mountains
  3. Blue Mountains vendors and accommodation
  4. Sample Blue Mountains elopement timeline
  5. Booking your Blue Mountains elopement packages

1. Why elope in the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains will always hold a special place in our hearts. The Blue Mountains is the closest adventure hub to Sydney – only a 1.5 hour drive away. There is plenty to do form hiking to dining to watching the sun rise and set and having a go at the latest adventure sport. But by far, the biggest draw card of the Mountains is the view. If you want to elope immersed in the beauty of the Australian landscape, then the Blue Mountains is calling you.

2: Blue Mountains elopement locations

Sorry folks, but we’re actually not going to give away our secret Blue Mountain elopement locations. Why? Because we want them to stay secret. So while I will list a few popular locations below (all of which you can find with a quick google), I won’t list some of how more secluded locations.

Popular Blue Mountains Elopement Locations

Blue Mountains Location Scouting

If choosing your elopement location seems a bit daunting, don’t worry! We help all of our couples choose their ceremony spot. We provide our couples with our unrestricted list of favourite elopement spots within the Blue Mountains region. Couples can either choose from this list, or we can help you scout out a completely new and unique location!

When it comes to scouting out new locations, google maps is the perfect place to start. Here’s a few tips:

Blue Mountains Wedding Permits

To hold your wedding ceremony in the National Park, you need to apply for a permit first. A permit allows you to hold your wedding ceremony in the Park (you don’t want a ranger stopping your ceremony on the day!) and costs a small fee. We guide all of our couples through this process, so don’t worry!

Click here for more information on permits.

3. Blue Mountains Vendors & Accommodation

Remember than an elopement is more than a 5 minute ceremony followed by 10 minutes of photos. It’s your wedding day. The day you get married should literally be one of the best days of your life. So, when dreaming up this amazing day, chances are you might want to involve of the vendors below.

Popular Elopement Vendors & Accommodation

Picking the Right Vendors

Your vendors are your A-team. They will work with you to help you bring your vision and dream to life. It’s important that your vendors have similar values to you and understand the intention for your day.

During our planning meetings we provide couples with recommendations for local vendors. However, here’s some tips to consider when doing your own vendor research:

Blue Mountains Accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, we strongly recommend booking at least two nights for your elopement – the night before and the night after. And… We recommend splurging. After all, you’re only planning on eloping once so you might as well do it right!

There are some STUNNING accommodation options in the Mountains.
Here are a few favourites thanks to

4. Blue Mountains Elopement Timeline & Activities

Before you read our sample timelines, remember that you can do whatever you want on your elopement day. Don’t feel like you need to replicate either of these two timelines. This about what you and your partner like to do, and build a timelines around that! It is your day after all!

Drive In / Short Walk Elopement Timeline

Hiking Elopement Timeline

Blue Mountains Elopement activity ideas

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what activities you can pack into your elopement day, look no further! Here are some top activities for the Blue Mountains. Remember, don’t let anyone tell you what you should do on your wedding day.

5. The Wild Pair Blue Mountains Elopement Packages

From: $1500

We are more than just your elopement photographers – we are your planning guides and adventure buddies too! Here’s whats included in our Blue Mountains elopement packages:

Optional add-ons:

BONUS: All of our travel is included!

How We work

Planning your elopement with us is super simple – in fact, it only takes five steps:

Step 1. Contact us to organise a time for us to catch up over the phone or Zoom.
Step 2.
Choose your photography package and lock in your date with us (YAY!).
Step 3.
About 6-9 months before your elopement, we will have our first planning meeting.
Step 4.
About one month before your elopement we will have our second planning meeting.
Step 5.
YOU ELOPE, WE PHOTOGRAPH! We will then deliver your images within 4 weeks.

If you want to read more about each of these steps, check out our “How It Works” page here!

Are you ready to elope in the Blue Mountains?

Now that you know how to elope in the Blue Mountains, the question is, are you ready to plan your biggest adventure yet?


To book with us simply complete our online contact form and let us know if you are interested in elopement photography or an adventure session. We will then get back to you with some specific pricing information and a link to book in a complimentary phone call with us! 

During the phone call we will chat about your adventure plans, our services and what the next steps are. It’s as simple as that!

We are strong believers in eloping – we love the freedom it gives couples. Basically, an adventure elopement is a uniquely crafted, intimate outdoor wedding experience that embraces your shared values, hopes and dreams, and rejects the expectations, traditions and distractions of the outside world. They usually involve epic views and awesome activities!

Don’t worry – 99% of couples say they are camera shy! While you might feel camera shy for the first 5 minutes, we find that most couples become relaxed in front of the camera very quickly. We provide you with cues and direction about where to go and what to do in front of the camera so that we can capture beautiful, candid moments of you. When you receive you’re gallery you won’t believe how photogenic you actually are!

Absolutely! We are not just your photographers, we are your elopement planners as well! All of our elopement couples receive tailored planning advice including help with location scouting, developing your timeline, sourcing vendors, coming up with adventure ideas and activities and organising your travel and accommodation.

Depending on how spontaneous you are, you can book your elopement with us anywhere from 1 month to 12 months in advance. Most couples book 3-9 months in advance.

Adventure sessions can be booked anywhere from 1 week to 3 months in advance.

The important thing to know is that your elopement – your wedding day – deserves more than a 5 minute ceremony a few portrait photos. Here’s what your day could look like:

  • To get the most out of your wedding day, get up early and watch the sunrise with your partner. Soak in the excitement!
  • Afterwards, head off to your accommodation and enjoy a home-cooked breakfast together.
  • Start to get ready for your wedding! You could do this separately to build the excitement and have the joy of a ‘first look’!
  • Head off on your adventure. You might decide to do a first look here and have a few portraits.
  • Get adventuring and head towards your ceremony location. (We have heaps of adventure ideas below).
  • Enjoy the post-ceremony bliss with a sunset picnic for two before you head back towards your accommodation.
  • Go all out and have a private chef cook you your first meal as a married couple, in the privacy of your accommodation.
  • Finish the night off with a campfire, soft music and an intimate first dance.

In short, a very fun hour full of laughter! Our couples sessions are all about capturing you and your other half in your natural element. We avoid posing too much and instead, provide you with some gentle cues to help you move naturally. We let you guys move freely and interact organically. We then work our magic and snap some beautiful images.

All of our photography packages include an online gallery with printing rights, where you can view, download and share your images. the number of images varies depending on the number of ours you book.

You also have assess to an online print shop linked to your online gallery. This allows you to print your favourite images. Our packages have the option to add-on prints and a fine art album, or you can order these through the print shop.

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