How to get married in 2020!

Is COVID-19 absolutely screwing with your big wedding plans and you’re starting to think, “Hell, maybe we should just elope!”. Or maybe you’ve always had it in the back of your mind that one day you would elope. Well, I’m here to answer all of your questions about what it means to elope and how you can still get married by pulling off an amazing elopement in 2020!

What is an elopement?

Most people think of eloping as a quick, legal ceremony at a local court house – we get that, we used to think that too! In fact, the dictionary defines eloping as “running away secretly in order to get married”. That could not be further from the truth. Here’s our definition of eloping:

Snowy Mountains adventure elopement photographer

To elope is to have the freedom to go anywhere – to do anything – on your wedding day. Your elopement is a uniquely crafted, intimate wedding experience that embraces your shared values, hopes and dreams, and rejects the expectations, traditions and distractions of the outside world.

– The Wild Pair

Way more than a secret ceremony in a local court house, right?! Honestly, your elopement is your wedding day and your wedding day deserves so much more than a quick 15 minute ceremony an a 1 hour photoshoot. Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, regardless of whether you’re having a big traditional wedding or an intimate elopement.

Snowy Mountains elopement photographer

What could your elopement look like?

So now you know that elopements are super authentic, super personalised and super original – the next question is, what on earth could you do on your elopement day? And the simple answer is “absolutely anything”.

You should think about what things are important to you and your partner. What activities do you enjoy doing together; do you have a special spot in the world that is significant to you; is there something you have both always wanted to do or try; what’s on your bucket list? These are all questions that you can ask yourself to get the creative juices flowing when it comes to planning your elopement!

Of course on your elopement day there will be a time when you and your partner are in a very special spot, saying some very special words to each other and officially becoming married. This is only one part of your wedding day. How do you want to celebrate your marriage before and after?

Blue Mountains Adventure Elopement

Here are a few ideas of some epic activities you could do on your elopement:

  • Sunrise hike
  • Sunrise hot-air ballooning
  • Homemade breakfast
  • Brunch for two at your favourite cafe
  • Brunch with your nearest and dearest
  • All-day hike to your ceremony (if that’s your jam)
  • Half day hike to your ceremony location
  • Super short hike to your ceremony location
  • 4WD tour through the mountains
  • 4WD tour through the dunes
  • Helicopter tour to your ceremony location
  • Private scenic flight over the mountains
  • Kayaking to a secret ceremony location
  • Happy hour picnic for two after your ceremony
  • Intimate picnic for you and your loved ones
  • Private dinner for two (or more) at your AirBnB
  • Super intimate overnight stay in the mountains
  • Glamping experience by the coast
  • Camp fire for two (or more) with marshmallows and music
  • Overnight hiking adventure
Mount Kosciuszko Adventure Elopement

Elopement day timelines

The possibilities for your elopement are endless! If you need even more inspo to help you fully visualise what your elopement could be, check out the example timelines below!

Here’s an example elopement day timeline for a Blue Mountains elopement!

Accommodation: Love Cabins, Blue Mountains
Ceremony Location: Mount Banks Summit
Activities: Hiking, picnic, private dinner

10:00 amArrive at your accommodation
1:00 pmGetting ready (separately)
2:00 pmLeave for Mount Banks summit head
2:30 pmFirst look and portrait photos
3:00 pmWalk to Mount Banks Summit
4:00 pmWedding ceremony at the summit
4:30 pmExploring / chilling / portrait photos
5:30 pmSunset picnic overlooking the valley
6:00 pmHead back to your accommodation
8:00 pmDinner cooked by a private chef
9:30 pmFirst dance by the campfire

Here’s an example of an elopement day timeline for a Royal National Park elopement!

Accommodation: Glamping in Bundeena
Ceremony Location: Little Jibbon Beach
Activities: Walking, picnic, private sunset cruise

10:00 amArrive at your Glamping location
1:00 pmGetting ready (separately)
2:30 pmWalk to Little Jibbon Beach (separately)
3:00 pmFirst look and wedding ceremony
3:30 pmPortrait photos by the beach
4:30 pmEnjoy a beach-side picnic
5:30 pmTravel to Bundeena ferry wharf
6:30 pmPrivate sunset dinner cruise
8:30 pmHead back to your accommodation
9:30 pmToast marshmallows on a campfire
Sydney Beach Elopement

Okay, you must be getting close to being able to visualise your dream elopement now. But, if you’re still struggling, then I will leave you with one final piece of advice:

Close your eyes and picture the best day of your life. Where are you? What are you doing? Who’s with you? Now, start planning!

For more info on how to plan your dream elopement, click here or chat to us!

With love,


Snowy Mountains elopement photographer

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