How to get married in Australia

Lot’s of people ask how to get married in Australia – in other words, what are the bare minimum requirements for a legal wedding in Australia?

what do you need to get married in australia?

This is super simple guys, all you need to get legally married in Australia is:

  1. A celebrant
  2. 30 days

Here’s how it works. When you meet and book a celebrant you will fill out some paperwork (the Notice of Intended Marriage). From there, you need to allow 30 days for processing of your paperwork. After the 30 days, you get together with your celebrant, say some legal stuff (this takes about 5 minutes), sign some paperwork and you’re married!

So, for those who simply want to get married – they just want the certificate and nothing else, it’s pretty damn simple and you’ll get away with it for peanuts (anywhere from $300 – $1000 depending on the celebrant).

Kuringai Chase National Park Elopement

What else might you want at your Australian elopement?

However, even though a celebrant and 30 days is all you technically need to get married in Australia, most people have a few extra parties involved in their elopement day.

And that’s because it’s not every day that you elope! Like seriously, this is (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime event and as such, it should be the best flippin’ day of your life!

Snowy Mountains elopement photographer

So most people will book a few other key vendors to help them create their epic day. These might include:

  • Florist and hair and make up artist if you want to pamper yourself on your elopement day!
  • Catering such as a private picnic set up or a private chef to enjoy your first meal together
  • Any guides or activities that you want to participate in (e.g. hot air ballooning, jeep touring, helicopter ride etc.)
  • Accommodation for a mini-moon or honeymoon
  • Photographer and videographer to capture your wedding experience so you can share it with your family and friends
Blue Mountains Du Faurs Lookout Elopement

Why is photography important?

Now you’re 100% right to call my biased; however, I do think that photography if one of the most important things to book if you’re eloping.

And here’s why:

When you choose to elope, your choosing to have a private wedding experience (and for good reason too!).

Your photos become the only tangible thing you have left after the elopement day; the only thing that you have to share with your loved ones. Your wedding album is what you will pass around to your family and friends and say

“Hey, we did this in the morning and got married here and celebrated this way afterwards and here, look at how happy we were – look through our album to see the story of the best day of our lives”.

Your images are the way you will share this amazing experience with those you love.

Final thoughts on eloping in Australia

So in summary, if you’re just in it for the marriage certificate then book a celebrant, wait 30 days and get hitched! Easy as!

If you want want a day to remember – a day to talk about and reminisce for years to come – then you’re going to want to do a little more planning. You can start by downloading our Elopement Planning Guide and Checklist, and by checking out this blog post that has heaps of elopement ideas!

Ready to plan your elopement? Contact us now to chat all things elopement ideas and photography!!

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