How to get married in Australia?

How to get married in Australia

Lot’s of people ask how to get married in Australia – in other words, what are the bare minimum requirements for a legal wedding in Australia?

Royal National Park Sydney Elopement

If you’re looking for a coastal elopement, less than 1 hour from Sydney, then you can’t go past the Royal National Park! There are so many great spots to elope in the Park, with plenty of vast views of the ocean, white beaches and sandstone cliffs on offer.

Snowy Mountains elopement photographer

How to get married in 2020!

Is COVID-19 absolutely screwing with your big wedding plans and you’re starting to think, “Hell, maybe we should just elope!”. Or maybe you’ve always had it in the back of your mind that one day you would elope. Well, I’m here to answer all of your questions about what it means to elope and how you can still get married by pulling off an amazing elopement in 2020!

The Cove Jervis Bay Elopement

The Cove Jervis Bay Styled Elopement

An elopement at The Cove Jervis Bay is an elopement like no other. I’m talking beach side ceremony, portraits by the ocean with the sun setting, an intimate twilight picnic for your nearest and dearest and a dance floor for two by the an open camp fire. To top it all off, a glamping bridal suite awaits the newlyweds. Could you want anything more?!

Three Reasons to Elope Besides Saving money

Firstly, elopements are not always shotgun weddings held at the local court. When I talk about elopements I’m talking about a wedding that is an intimate and raw experience of love shared between two people and crafted to reflect their unique journey. These elopements may be witnessed by the bare minimum (2 other people) or they may be witnessed by a small group of loved ones. Regardless, what defines them as an elopement is their intimacy, their honesty and their intention to focus solely on the union of two people.
Secondly, saving money is not the only reason to elope! In fact, I’m going to share with you three reasons to elope that have nothing to do with money!