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How to Save on the Booze

Booze is one of the big expense items involved in planning and hosting any Australian wedding. Besides wanting to serve up some decide beverage choices (i.e. avoid the goon sack, it’s not a good choice), you also have to cater for all of your friends, your family and your alcoholic uncle, and this, adds up to some serious cash.

So, I’m going to share with you 5 tips to help you save some coin when putting in your grog order.

Everyone Loves a Late Night Snack

Let’s face it, besides seeing you and your significant other tie the knot, all your wedding guests really care about is the food, the booze and the tunes. I’m going to focus on the food, because hey, that’s my favourite part! Everyone knows that canapes are a great idea, and a smorgasbord board banquet is epic, but have you considered adding in a late night snack to your wedding menu?