What to do if it rains on your wedding day

Heck yeah – you’re eloping in an epic, adventurous, outdoor location because that’s where you feel most alive and most connected but, you’re super worried about what to do it is rains on your wedding day. And let’s face it, while none of us can change the weather, we all seem to obsess over it in the lead up to our weddings. So, here’s some tips on how to plan your elopement with the weather in mind, and what to do if it rains on your wedding day.

1. Reset your weather expectations

First thing’s first, if you’ve been dreaming of the bright blue sky, the perfect 22 degree weather with just a slight breeze and a few puffy white clouds in the sky, then I want you to reset your expectations. Honestly, how many days of the year actually have perfect weather?

Do a bit of research into the location you’re choosing to elope in and the weather patterns around the time of year you are looking to elope and create realistic expectations around the type of weather you’re likely to have. Avoid setting your benchmark as the perfect blue sky! Besides, you get way better images on a cloudy day! 😛

Here’s some practical tips:

  • Know the normal weather patterns for your location (i.e. does it usually snow in winter, is there a heavy rainfall season etc.)
  • Decide how much ‘bad weather’ you’ll happily marry in (e.g. are you happy to go ahead if there are a few showers forecast)
  • Communicate with your photographer and celebrant to ensure you’re all on the same page about what constitutes ‘bad’ weather and the need to postpone or change arrangements
Snowy Mountains elopement photographer

2. Create a worst-case back up option

While your elopement can still go ahead in most weather conditions (a little rain actually makes for some super romantic elopement photos!), there are some situations where your elopement at your chosen location, may not be able to go ahead. For example, if a National Park is closed due to fires or floods. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a back up plan ready to go. Your back up plan may involve moving your elopement to a different location or postponing your elopement.

Practical tips:

  • If there are serious weather conditions forecast, then make the decision early to move to your back up plan to give everyone plenty of time to prepare
  • Consider any additional permits and fees you may have to acquire to move your elopement to a new location
  • Check the T&Cs on your permits and ensure that you’re able to postpone your elopement and permit without an additional fee
Mount Kosciuszko Adventure Elopement

3. Check the weather for your wedding day

About a week or two before your elopement you should start to check the weather radar. From personal experience, in the lead up to my own wedding I started checking the radar way too early and it simply caused undue stress. Every time I looked at the long term forecast it told me something different and I basically went on a roller coaster ride thinking that it was going to perfect weather, then terrible weather and then back to perfect weather again!

However, if you check the forecast about a week out from your wedding you should get a pretty accurate idea on what the weather is going to be like and if you need to plan for some ‘bad’ weather.

Our top tips:

  • Use a reliable weather source like the BOM or Willy Weather.
  • Don’t simply read the daily weather summary. Instead, look at the rainfall graphs and the wind graphs. You should be able to see a breakdown of when it is likely to rain throughout the day. For example, the daily summary may simply say “some showers” however, when you look at the rain graph it might tell you that there is 80% chance of rain at 10am and 0% chance of rain at 3pm!
  • If it’s forecast to rain, pack some clear umbrellas. These are great because they don’t detract from the scenery and landscape around you.
  • Check out our Adventure Elopement Packing List below.
Mount Kosciuszko Adventure Elopement

4. Be flexible and don’t be afraid of rain

Now this is the most important point – be flexible! The beauty of eloping is that you have freedom – provided you communicate openly with your photographer and celebrant, and they are available, you have the freedom to make last minute changes to your wedding plans. If you were planning a sunset wedding ceremony and it’s forecast to rain in the late afternoon then you have the ability to swap your day around and opt for a morning ceremony instead!

As well as being flexible, don’t be afraid of the rain or a little bad weather. As I mentioned before, overcast days are actually a photographer’s dream and a little rain can add a great sense of excitement and romance to your day! Imagine standing in front of an epic view, marrying your other half in a flood of rain – seriously, it’s like a scene from a movie!

Here’s the top points:

  • Touch base with your photographer and celebrant 1-2 days before your elopement to chat about the weather conditions.
  • If it’s looking like the weather will impact on your ceremony, consider moving the timing of your ceremony to avoid the weather.
  • Embrace the weather as much as you can – remember that you’re getting married in the outdoors because you love mother nature, the elements and the awe of this world. So embrace what mother nature gives you. Some rain and wind is definitely not the end of the world, and can create a sense of spontaneity, romance, and one heck of a story!
Mount Kosciuszko Adventure Elopement

Adventure Elopement Weather-Proof Packing List

There’s a few things that we encourage all couples who are having an adventure elopement to pack, just in case:

  • A water proof jacket
  • Umbrellas (small enough to pack in a bag if you’re hiking on your elopement)
  • Waterproof shoes / hiking boots
  • A blanket and/or warm jumper or jacket
  • Lip balm (those windy days can get you!)
  • Sun screen (especially if you’re having an extended period outdoors)
  • Bug spray (especially if you’ll be outdoors in summer after the sunsets)
  • Water and a snack (or a opt for a fully catered private picnic for two – that is also a great option)
Mount Kosciuszko Adventure Elopement

Final Thoughts…

I can’t remember where I heard this, but when James and I catch each other complaining about a rainy, cold or windy weekend we always tell each other:

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just different types of good weather”

And it is so so true. Don’t use the weather as an excuse; life is what you make of it, and so to is your elopement day.

With love,


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